A former Assistant District Attorney for Worcester County, Ryan P. Donahue brings years of prosecutorial and criminal defense litigation experience as Mountain Dearborn’s first criminal defense attorney. Prior to joining the firm as an Associate this fall, he worked at a general practice firm in Boston where, in addition to criminal defense, he represented clients in a wide range of family law matters and civil litigation.

Ryan began his career in 2010 in the Worcester County District Attorney’s office, where he handled hundreds of cases from arraignment to trial in both District and Superior Court. From that experience, he gained a deep understanding of how the government builds a case against an individual and what strategies will likely succeed, both in negotiations with prosecutors before trial and in arguments before a judge and jury. Now he argues for the defense, focusing all of his insight and legal expertise on achieving the best outcome for his clients. “I enjoy standing up for my clients in court and working to achieve the best possible result,” he says.

Ryan was drawn to criminal law as an undergraduate at Stonehill College, while interning in a District Attorney’s office. He earned his JD from Suffolk University Law School. Even as he now sits at the defense table, his years in the Worcester County DA’s office have made his transition back to the city’s courtrooms easier. “I am familiar with many of the local lawyers and court staff,” he says. “That has helped a lot.” Mountain Dearborn welcomes Ryan back to Worcester and looks forward to expanding our legal services to the community via Ryan’s expertise in criminal defense litigation.