Litigation Services

Disagreements are inevitable. When disputes become irreconcilable and require a court’s intervention, we provide you with cost-effective, sensible, successful approaches to resolution. Mountain Dearborn attorneys handle litigation in all Massachusetts state and federal courts. Whether counseling a large organization, a small business or an individual, we help define goals, understand limits and reach resolutions.

Business and Commercial Litigation

Mountain Dearborn has a deep history helping entrepreneurs and the owners of closely-held corporations to resolve legal actions of all sizes. We have a proven track record representing clients in connection with contracts, commercial leases, commercial loans, bank collections, buy-sell disputes, sales of goods, stockholder rights, bank fraud and more.

Employment Litigation

Our attorneys counsel employees and employers regarding claims of breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and breach of non-competition agreements, as well as complaints regarding unfair competition and confidentiality agreements.

Family Law

Divorce and child custody disputes often involve complex and stressful personal, legal and financial challenges. We provide sound advice and skillful representation of individuals and families so that they are cared for and in control throughout the entire process.

Personal Injury Litigation

We prosecute virtually all kinds of personal injury claims, including wrongful death and product liability matters. We evaluate each claim in the case as early as possible, using medical and other expert guidance as needed to present the case at trial. If appropriate, we typically explore handling these matters on a contingent fee basis.

Real Estate and Land Use Litigation

Our broad expertise in all aspects of real estate and land use law provides a strong basis for effective representation. We handle a wide range of claims including those involving the purchase and sale of property, partition, zoning and permitting, tax abatements, leasing, commercial eviction and adverse possession. Because of our experience, we are called upon by the courts to manage and sell disputed assets and mediate issues between litigants.

Trust and Estate Litigation

Estate planning, estate administration and trust administration are pillars of Mountain Dearborn’s long history. In litigation involving legal challenges to wills, trusts and fiduciary accounts, clients benefit from our considerable expertise in this area to reach fair and equitable resolutions.