Mountain Dearborn Wins Record Worcester Jury Award of $7.5 Million

March 28, 2019 2:29 pm Published by Katherine A. Bagdis Patricia Finnegan Gates James D. O'Brien, Jr.

Attorneys for Mountain Dearborn and Whiting LLP prevailed at trial in a personal injury lawsuit that produced a jury verdict believed to be the highest recorded in Worcester County.

Our client, a 34-year-old woman, was a passenger in a car that was stopped in a traffic jam on an interstate highway. Her car was struck from behind by the defendant’s pickup truck at a speed of 63 miles per hour. The impact forced our client’s car into and beneath a tractor-trailer that was stopped in front of her car.

Defendants admitted liability; the case went to trial solely to determine the amount of damages.

After a two-week trial, a Worcester Superior Court jury awarded our client $7.465 million dollars for injuries that have left her with major physical limitations, chronic and severe pain, and incurable incontinence. As a result of the award, our client will be able to obtain the assistance she needs on a daily basis, to move into a barrier-free residence, and to pay for her future medical bills. The award is believed to be one of the largest ever made by a Worcester Superior Court jury.

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