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Can My PPP Loan Be Forgiven? Four Steps to Success

September 18, 2020 11:13 am Published by Mountain, Dearborn & Whiting LLP

If you received a Small Business Administration loan under the Payroll Protection Program to keep your staff employed during the Coronavirus pandemic, now is the time to be certain that you’ve fulfilled all requirements to have your loan forgiven.

The PPP stopped accepting new loan applications on August 8. If your loan—either for 8 weeks or 24 weeks—was issued prior to June 5, it will mature in two years. Loans issued after that date will mature in five years. If any part of the loan is not forgiven, then your loan payments will be deferred for six months. The interest rate on the loans is 1 percent.

Here are some tips to help you wade through all ...

Those Fireworks You’re Hearing Every Night? They’re Illegal in Massachusetts.

July 1, 2020 8:00 am Published by Stephen M. Roche

As the weather warms and pandemic restrictions continue, nights across the country have been disrupted by fireworks. For weeks now, police departments nationwide have reported record numbers of complaints about fireworks disturbing sleep, causing dogs to bark and babies to cry, and sparking fears of gunshots.

In Boston, alone, police received nearly 1,500 fireworks complaints in the first week of June—compared to 22 for the same week last year. Worcester has set up an anonymous fireworks tip line after police received a record 500 calls about the disturbances.

Why now? There are plenty of explanations and even a conspiracy theory, which I’ll spare you. The most probable reason, however, is simpler: boredom ...

Business Not Quite as Usual: How the Pandemic Impacts Your Legal Case

May 26, 2020 8:00 am Published by Nina T. Dow

Life has never felt more uncertain. Many brick-and-mortar businesses are closed, most schools have called it an early summer and may go completely virtual this fall, elective medical procedures are postponed indefinitely, and millions have been laid off from work.

Here at Mountain Dearborn, although our physical office is not open for in-person client visits, we are making progress on our clients’ cases via virtual meetings and conference calls, and we’re staying current with COVID-19 updates from the courts, the legislature, and the Governor’s office.

Here’s what you can expect if you need legal assistance:

Residential Real Estate and Commercial Lending: The Markets Are Still Open Virtually

Are you looking for a home to buy ...

Your COVID-19 “Silver Linings Playbook”: How to Make the Best of Downtime and Plan Ahead

April 21, 2020 11:15 am Published by Nina T. Dow

Your lawyers at Mountain Dearborn hope that you and yours are staying safe and well. We continue to serve our clients remotely by holding virtual meetings, drafting estate planning documents, and e-filing probate forms. We are also e-filing estate and fiduciary income tax returns.

Taking a page from the film Silver Linings Playbook, this month we share a few ideas for how to take advantage of shelter-at-home downtime, as well as answer your most pressing estate planning questions.

The Silver Linings

1. Reflect on what’s really important to you during this slow-down. Find a personal lesson to carry into the future. Do you wish to spend more time with your children? Do ...

How We Continue to Serve You During This Challenging Period

March 20, 2020 1:40 pm Published by Paul C. Foley

The lawyers and staff of Mountain Dearborn share with all of you the challenges and anxiety created by the COVID-19 virus.

During this difficult time, we all must adjust in how we are working and living.

We wanted to share with you the plans and preparations we have made during this period of uncertainty to ensure that we maintain our commitment to you.

We have, over the course of several years, invested in our remote access. As a result, our employees have been asked to work from home and, effective 5:00 pm on March 20th, we are happy to say that that objective has been achieved.

Our attorneys are confident that, during this difficult time, ...

Our Firm’s Policy Concerning COVID-19

March 12, 2020 1:49 pm Published by Mountain, Dearborn & Whiting LLP

In light of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, Mountain Dearborn is taking the necessary precautions to keep our staff, clients, visitors, and community safe. With that in mind, we have implemented the following policies that you should be aware of:

  1. We are trying to minimize client visits to the office. Please talk to your attorney in advance to determine if a scheduled visit will be held here, through remote means, or off-site.
  2. We will refrain from shaking hands.
  3. All visitors must wash their hands upon arrival at the office.
  4. If you, or someone with whom you have been in contact, has signs of respiratory illness, such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath, then
  5. ...