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Your COVID-19 “Silver Linings Playbook”: How to Make the Best of Downtime and Plan Ahead

April 21, 2020 11:15 am Published by Nina T. Dow

Your lawyers at Mountain Dearborn hope that you and yours are staying safe and well. We continue to serve our clients remotely by holding virtual meetings, drafting estate planning documents, and e-filing probate forms. We are also e-filing estate and fiduciary income tax returns.

Taking a page from the film Silver Linings Playbook, this month we share a few ideas for how to take advantage of shelter-at-home downtime, as well as answer your most pressing estate planning questions.

The Silver Linings

1. Reflect on what’s really important to you during this slow-down. Find a personal lesson to carry into the future. Do you wish to spend more time with your children? Do ...