From the day he hung his black-and-gold shingle in downtown Worcester until his early 90s, Willis E. Sibley practiced law with a firm commitment: Clients, he believed, should be served promptly and discreetly, with careful attention to detail.

That commitment to faithful service has defined the law practice of Mountain Dearborn for well over a century. Founded by Sibley in 1887, the firm has evolved from a small office of family counselors specializing in trusts and estates to a general practice of more than a dozen lawyers with a broad range of legal specialties—all of whom share our founder’s commitment to trustworthy, personal service to clients.

Joined by his brother, Charles, and Carl M. Blair in 1902 to form Sibley, Sibley & Blair, Willis played a leading role in Worcester’s business community for a half-century. His primary commitment, though, was as trusted family counselor. When he was no longer physically able to go to his downtown Worcester office at the age of 92, Willis worked from his Pleasant Street home, dictating to his secretary during regular visits and advising his clients by telephone. He continued to work until his death at 93 in 1950.

Mid-century marked the arrival of Thomas R. Mountain (1948), Richard W. Dearborn (1952) and Alfred N. Whiting (1953). In 1965, the firm dropped the Sibley name—though not the legacy—to become Mountain, Dearborn & Whiting.

Over the past four decades, the firm has continued to expand in size and scope, building on its well-established trust and estate law practice to include legal specialists in family law, corporate and commercial law, taxation services, real estate and land use law, corporate and business planning, and litigation services. Our modest size is intentional. As we have grown, we have built on Willis Sibley’s values, scaling our practice to ensure our commitment to faithful service.